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What to do with miniature pine cones?

I collected some miniature pine cones from a coniferous evergreen tree about a year ago, toasted them in the oven to get rid of the moisture, allowed them to cool and put them in a plastic bag, in a coat closet, intending to create a mini pine cone decor for the fireplace mantle or coffee table.... nothing quite like the saying "out of sight out of mind."

Happened upon them today, found an oval glass vase saved from a bouquet of flowers I received that was stored under the kitchen sink, made it sparkle with a bit of soap and water.

The pine scent that permeated my home last year after toasting in the oven is gone, but they remained intact and make a beautiful center piece. Placing a pillar candle in the center and surrounding it with the pine cones is another look that can be created. 

Spray with a pine scent spray also would be nice! Stay tuned for future musings on my adventure with the miniature pine cones!

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