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Welcome to our inaugural blog posting for Musings from Farm to Coast!

Hello and welcome to our blog, Musings from Farm to Coast. So we thought we would start a blog to share thoughts about decor products from our store's rustic farmhouse or charming coastal theme. But, not always, as sometimes we may stray off the beaten path and highlight other ideas we encounter that is complimentary to our theme, which could be a random photograph to serve as further inspiration or links to other products which we will happily provide. Thanks for joining us on this journey. You can subscribe to our RSS feed and receive notifications when we post. The feed URL is https://farmtocoastdecor.com/blogs/news.atom.

If you like the mesh baskets in this photograph, you can find them at https://farmtocoastdecor.com/collections/storage/products/retro-color-rectangle-iron-mesh-storage-basket.

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